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Smithos is an Abstract made entirely of metal.


First Coming[]

In the roughly year 4708 BSE, Smithos first arrived in The World, unaware what he was doing. He was banished quickly.

Second Coming[]


After Minister Crepe died of the Wreath Plague, the Red Cloaks attempted to revive him; however Arc'Blume was deceived by Arc'Dimentio, a secret follower of The Book of Power, who intended for Smithos to be brought back.

Immediately upon being resurrected, Smithos behaved like his usual self-that his to say constantly happy in an almost insane way. He was especially amused by the fact that he was accidentally resurrected. He then asked Arc'Blume for the population, so he could get estimates on how long construction of The Endless Tower.

A few days later, Smithos and the Red Cloaks were present together at an unspecified location when Arc'Blume's sister, Capella Arechnar, barged in and argued with Smithos, who became entranced with her.

Uniting the World[]

Sometime following his encounter with Capella Arechnar, Smithos approached the Hoohooligan Army and talked them out of attacking the Mycellium Kingdom. He then went on a journey that resulted in most of The Continent's nations, including Squrpia and the Dry Dry Kingdom being united under his rule.


Rise of the Enemy[]

Battle in the Endless Castle[]

Confrontation at Golgotha[]

Third Coming[]

Resurrection as "Khad"[]



Smithos acts constantly happy, always appearing gleeful, though he occasionally pretends to throw tantrums.



Blaine Kentarus became Smithy's Vessel after his third awakening in 1500 ASE.

Procyon Arechnar[]

Penter Procyon[]

Game counterpart[]

Smithy, Smithos' game counterpart

The game counterpart of Smithos would be Smithy, the main antagonist of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


  • Metal body
  • From another plane of existence